Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 25. NYS Parks The U.S. government has staunchly denied any research described in Nichols’ book occurred at either Camp Hero or the Montauk Air Force Station. Built out of fear of a New York invasion from the sea, Fort Hero was commissioned in 1942 by the United States Army. Both Camp Hero and the Montauk Air Force Station — the Army transferred a portion of Camp Hero to the Air Force after World War II — were said to be the hubs of this paranormal research. The early warning mission involved tracking and identifying all aircraft entering their airspace while the GCI mission involved guiding Air Force interceptors to any identified enemy air… FORWARD By; John Quinn MONTAUK AIR FORCE STATION ==ACTIVE OR NOT? Other armaments included quadruple fifty caliber Machine Gun for low altitude defense up to large 90mm and 120mm artillery. Die Montauk Air Force Station wurde im Jahr 1969 geschlossen und das Gelände der Stadt New York City geschenkt. When the Montauk Lighthouse was first authorized in 1792, part of its mission was to keep a lookout for British ships sailing for New York or Boston, and as such was the first military installation at Montauk. Montauk was always considered a prime location for a possible invasion because of its remoteness and prime location midway between two major American cities. Montauk Air Force Station (historical) known in local as Montauk Air Force Station (historical), is a Military Installation and is located in the state of New York, United States and the Time Zone is America/New_York.