The ratio between the capacities used in the annual simulations and the capacities determined by sizing runs shall be the same for both the standard reference design and proposed design. Ch. functionality. Construction document notes shall clearly indicate provisions for commissioning and completion requirements in accordance with this section and are permitted to refer to specifications for further requirements. Unit controls shall have the mechanical cooling capacity control interlocked with the air economizer controls such that the outdoor air damper is at the 100-percent open position when mechanical cooling is on and the outdoor air damper does not begin to close to prevent coil freezing due to minimum compressor run time until the leaving air temperature is less than 45°F (7°C). The efficiencies and test procedures for both open- and closed-circuit cooling towers are not applicable to hybrid cooling towers that contain a combination of wet and dry heat exchange sections. Exceptions: The following roofs and portions of roofs are exempt from the requirements of Table C402.3: Portions of the roof that include or are covered by the following: MINIMUM ROOF REFLECTANCE AND EMITTANCE OPTIONSa. Systems that have one warm air duct and one cool air duct shall use terminal devices that are configured to reduce the flow from one duct to a minimum before mixing of air from the other duct takes place. These motors shall have the means to adjust motor speed for either balancing or remote control. Exceptions: The following systems are exempt: A commissioning plan shall be developed by a registered design professional or approved agency and shall include the following items: Each supply air outlet and zone terminal device shall be equipped with means for air balancing in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 6 of the International Mechanical Code. The outdoor airflow rate required to meet the minimum ventilation requirements of Chapter 4 of the. ICF proprietary and confidential. Where located within a building envelope assembly, the duct or plenum shall be separated from the building exterior or unconditioned or exempt spaces by not less than R-8 insulation in Climate Zones 1 through 4 and not less than R-12 insulation in Climate Zones 5 through 8. Do not copy, distribute, or disclose. Piping that conveys fluids that have not been heated or cooled through the use of fossil fuels or electric power. Systems where dehumidification requirements cannot be met using outdoor air temperatures of 50°F (10°C) dry bulb/45°F (7°C) wet bulb and where 100 percent of the expected system cooling load at 45°F (7°C) dry bulb/40°F (4°C) wet bulb is met with evaporative water economizers. Pumps with pump motors of 5 hp (3.7 kW) or less. Chilled water plants including more than one chiller shall be capable of and configured to reduce flow automatically through the chiller plant when a chiller is shut down. In buildings less than three stories in height above grade plane. Each hydronic heat pump on the hydronic system having a total pump system power exceeding 10 hp (7.5 kW) shall have a two-position valve. The performance rating calculated with and without the exceptional calculation method. Functional testing of lighting controls shall comply with, Not less than 1.71 Btu/h per square foot (5.4 W/m. Construction documents shall include the location and catalogue number of each piece of equipment. Top 10 Requirements: 2018 IECC Commercial HVAC. Exception: Independent perimeter systems that are designed to offset only building envelope heat losses, gains or both serving one or more perimeter zones also served by an interior system provided that both of the following conditions are met: Where used to control both heating and cooling, zone thermostatic controls shall be configured to provide a temperature range or deadband of not less than 5°F (2.8°C) within which the supply of heating and cooling energy to the zone is shut off or reduced to a minimum. Required regular maintenance actions for equipment and systems shall be clearly stated on a readily visible label. Compliance based on total building performance requires that a proposed building (proposed design) be shown to have an annual energy cost that is less than or equal to the annual energy cost of the standard reference design. C504.2. This document provides the foundation for many state and city codes. The use of belt-driven fans to sheave adjustments for airflow balancing instead of a varying motor speed shall be permitted. The sub-cooled liquid temperature shall be controlled at a maximum temperature setpoint of 50°F (10°C) at the exit of the subcooler using either compressor economizer (interstage) ports or a separate compressor suction group operating at a saturated suction temperature of 18°F (-7.8°C) or higher. 7.2. Where more than 60 percent of the outdoor heating energy is provided from site-recovered or site-solar energy. The FLadj and PLVadj values are only applicable for centrifugal chillers meeting all of the following full-load design ranges: Cooling systems shall not use hot gas bypass or other evaporator pressure control systems unless the system is designed with multiple steps of unloading or continuous capacity modulation. C = Sum of the (CA Dif) values for each distinct below-grade wall assembly type of the building thermal envelope. The total minimum ratings of on-site renewable energy systems shall be one of the following: Buildings shall be of the following types to use this compliance method: The building service water-heating system shall have one or more of the following that are sized to provide not less than 60 percent of the building's annual hot water requirements, or sized to provide 100 percent of the building's annual hot water requirements if the building shall otherwise comply with Section C403.9.5: Air infiltration shall be verified by whole-building pressurization testing conducted in accordance with ASTM E779 or ASTM E1827 by an independent third party. For lighting equipment to be installed in sales areas specifically to highlight merchandise, the additional lighting power shall be determined in accordance with Equation 4-11. For SI: 1 cubic foot per minute = 0.47 L/s, 1 square foot = 0.093 m2. MINIMUM EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS: COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION, MINIMUM EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS: COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS. "SEW" indicates orientations other than "N." For buildings in the southern hemisphere, reverse south and north. Highlight differences between any two building codes. Supplemental task lighting, including permanently installed under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting. New buildings where the total connected lighting power calculated in accordance with, Calibration mechanisms shall be in a location with. In buildings not greater than two stories above grade, not less than 50 percent of the net floor area is within a, In buildings three or more stories above grade, not less than 25 percent of the net floor area is within a. Systems exhausting toxic, flammable, paint or corrosive fumes or dust. Where the unit's capacity is greater than 15,000 Btu/h, use 15,000 Btu/h in the calculations. Exception: Air barriers are not required in buildings located in Climate Zone 2B. Projects provide a dedicated space to collaborate on code research. Functional Performance Testing and Commissioning (Cx) - IECC . LPAnorm = Normal building lighting power allowance in watts calculated in accordance with Section C405.3.2 and reduced in accordance with Section C406.3 where Option 2 of Section C406.1 is used to comply with the requirements of Section C406. Verify that the override time limit is set to not more than 2 hours. Where the simulation program does not model a design, material or device of the proposed design, an exceptional calculation method shall be used where approved by the code official. Allowance for an operator to readily remove one or more. Step-by-step documentation of the exceptional calculation method performed, detailed enough to reproduce the results. The specified wattage of the luminaires, Exception: Thermostat settings and schedules for HVAC systems that utilize radiant heating, radiant cooling and elevated air speed, provided that equivalent levels of occupant thermal comfort are demonstrated by means of equal Standard Effective Temperature as calculated in Normative Appendix B of ASHRAE Standard 55. 3.1. 2.2. barriers on existing buildings, refer to Section C503.1 or MAXIMUM AIR LEAKAGE RATE FOR FENESTRATION ASSEMBLIES. For, The energy consumption of pools and permanent spas shall be controlled by the requirements in Sections, The electric power to all heaters shall be controlled by an on-off switch that is an integral part of the heater, mounted on the exterior of the heater, or external to and within 3 feet (914 mm) of the heater in a location with. A horsepower at or above the midpoint between the two consecutive horsepowers shall be rounded up to the higher of the two horsepowers. Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers that are neither site assembled nor site constructed shall comply with the following: Be equipped with automatic door-closers that firmly close walk-in doors that have been closed to within 1 inch (25 mm) of full closure. Hydronic systems that use a common return system for both hot water and chilled water are prohibited. The installation of one or more revolving doors in the building entrance shall not eliminate the requirement that a vestibule be provided on any doors adjacent to revolving doors. 2.3. They shall be located where the controlled lights are visible, or shall identify the area served by the lights and indicate their status. A boiler not equipped with a tankless domestic water heating coil shall be equipped with an automatic means for adjusting the temperature of the water such that an incremental change in inferred heat load produces a corresponding incremental change in the temperature of the water supplied. Is attached by means of nonwater-soluble adhesive. For each fan, the fan brake horsepower shall be indicated on the construction documents and the selected motor shall be not larger than the first available motor size greater than the following: Exception: Fans with motor nameplate horsepower less than 1 hp (746 W) are exempt from this section. TDA = Total display area of the case, as measured in accordance with Appendix D of AHRI 1200. Where an open-circuit cooling tower is used in conjunction with a separate heat exchanger to isolate the open-circuit cooling tower from the heat pump loop, heat loss shall be controlled by shutting down the circulation pump on the cooling tower loop. Not economizing when the unit should be economizing. 2018 IECC Residential Summary Minor improvement over the 2015 IECC o Windows: 0.6-1.1% improvement in the prescriptive path. (C)] of: For example, "VOP.RC.M" refers to the "vertical-open, remote-condensing, medium-temperature" equipment class. For insulation outside the stated conductivity range, the minimum thickness (T) shall be determined as follows: t = insulation thickness listed in the table for applicable fluid temperature and pipe size, K = conductivity of alternate material at mean rating temperature indicated for the applicable fluid temperature (Btu • in/h • ft2 • °F) and. Where no cooling system exists or no cooling system has been specified, the cooling system shall be modeled as an air-cooled single-zone system, one unit per thermal zone. The temperature shall be reset by not less than 25 percent of the design supply-to-return water temperature difference. Lighting in retail display windows, provided that the display area is enclosed by ceiling-height partitions. Air temperature sensor failure/fault. WF = Area weighted average well factor, where well factor is 0.9 if light well depth is less than 2 feet (610 mm), or 0.7 if light well depth is 2 feet (610 mm) or greater. Multiple-zone VAV systems with direct digital control of individual zone boxes reporting to a central control panel shall have automatic controls configured to reduce outdoor air intake flow below design rates in response to changes in system ventilation efficiency (Ev) as defined by the International Mechanical Code. FL Table = (F-factor specified in Table C402.1.4) x Perimeter length. For SI: 1 British thermal unit per hour = 0.2931 W, °C = [(°F) - 32]/1.8, wb = wet bulb, db = dry bulb. Piping insulation exposed to the weather shall be protected from damage, including that caused by sunlight, moisture, equipment maintenance and wind, and shall provide shielding from solar radiation that can cause degradation of the material. V = volume of the chiller or frozen compartment as defined in AHAM-HRF-1. A continuous air barrier for the opaque building envelope shall comply with, Stairway enclosures, elevator shaft vents and other outdoor air intakes and exhaust openings integral to the building envelope shall be provided with dampers in accordance with. The requirements for centrifugal chiller shall be adjusted for nonstandard rating conditions in accordance with. 56 2018 IECC Study Companion Topic: Application Category: Commercial Energy Efficiency Reference: IECC C401.2 Subject: General Code Text: Commercial buildings shall comply with one of the following: 1. Buildings that comply with the following shall be exempt from the building thermal envelope provisions of this code: Building thermal envelope opaque assemblies shall comply with the requirements of Sections C402.2 and C402.4 based on the climate zone specified in Chapter 3. Steel floor joist systems shall be insulated to R-38. Nominal efficiencies shall be established in accordance with the DOE 10 CFR 431 test procedure for low-voltage dry-type transformers. FLadj = Maximum full-load kW/ton rating, adjusted for nonstandard conditions. Single-phase, air-cooled heat pumps less than 65,000 Btu/h are regulated by NAECA. June 3, 2020 31 2. Skylight area = Total fenestration area of skylights. Climate data for a full calendar year (8,760 hours) and shall reflect. A reliable and up-to-date source of codes. Alternatively, tenant spaces shall comply with Section C406.5 where the entire building is in compliance. CA Table = (Maximum allowable C-factor specified in Table C402.1.4) x Area. The system under "single-zone nonresidential system" shall be selected where the HVAC system in the proposed design is a single-zone system and serves other than Group R occupancy. The skylight area shall be not more than 6 percent of the roof area provided that, An area-weighted average shall be permitted to satisfy the. Individual fan systems with cooling capacity greater than or equal to 270,000 Btu/h (79.1 kW) in buildings having a Group R occupancy. Multiple units of the same equipment type with combined capacities exceeding the design load and provided with controls that are configured to sequence the operation of each unit based on load. Buildings, or portions thereof, shall not be considered as acceptable for a final inspection pursuant to, A written report describing the activities and measurements completed in accordance with. Factory-installed piping within room fan-coils and unit ventilators tested and rated according to AHRI 440 (except that the sampling and variation provisions of Section 6.5 shall not apply) and AHRI 840, respectively. First, select an energy compliance path from Line 3 and complete the Project Information, Project Team Information, and Scope of Work sections from Line 22 to 26. In addition, commer- For SI: 1 British thermal unit per hour = 0.2931 W, °C = [(°F) - 32]/1.8. MINIMUM PERFORMANCE OF WATER-HEATING EQUIPMENT. Where a singular piece of water-heating equipment serves the entire building and the input rating of the equipment is 1,000,000 Btu/h (293 kW) or greater, such equipment shall have a thermal efficiency, Et, of not less than 90 percent. Exception: Glazed portions of doors or structural members need not be insulated. Where the space use, classification for a building is not known, the building, requirement (NR) SHGC = 0.40 shall be used. Air economizer requirements and exceptions for Simple Systems (WSEC 1424) are identical to those required for Complex Systems (WSEC 1433). Precooling coils and water-to-water heat exchangers used as part of a water economizer system shall either have a water-side pressure drop of less than 15 feet (45 kPa) of water or a secondary loop shall be created so that the coil or heat exchanger pressure drop is not seen by the circulating pumps when the system is in the normal cooling (noneconomizer) mode. Air and water flow rates shall be measured and adjusted to deliver final flow rates within the tolerances provided in the product specifications. "Cap" = The rated cooling capacity of the project in Btu/h. Exception: Nonmotorized gravity dampers shall be an alternative to motorized dampers for exhaust and relief openings as follows: Nonmotorized gravity dampers shall have an air leakage rate not greater than 20 cfm/ft2 (101.6 L/s • m2) where not less than 24 inches (610 mm) in either dimension and 40 cfm/ft2 (203.2 L/s • m2) where less than 24 inches (610 mm) in either dimension. Table C403.7.4(1) and (2) CZ 4A and 5A. Replacement efficiencies apply only to units with existing sleeves less than 16 inches (406 mm) in height and less than 42 inches (1067 mm) in width. IPLVs are only applicable to equipment with capacity modulation. ci = Continuous insulation, NR = No Requirement, LS = Liner System. Task lighting for medical and dental purposes that is in addition to general lighting and controlled by an independent control device. Paths for air leakage from the Fan motor power input shall be not more than 30 percent of design wattage at 50 percent of the design airflow. The maximum rate for windows, sliding and swinging doors, and skylights is permitted to be 0.3 cfm per square foot of fenestration or door area when tested in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440 at 6.24 psf (300 Pa). The certification requirements do not apply to field-erected cooling towers. Quickly locate sections across your jurisdiction. An escalator designed either for one-way down operation only or for reversible operation shall have a variable frequency regenerative drive that supplies electrical energy to the building electrical system when the escalator is loaded with passengers whose combined weight exceeds 750 pounds (340 kg). 2.4. For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 1 liquid ounce = 0.030 L, 1 gallon = 128 ounces. Where multiples of each unique combination of sensor type and space geometry are provided, not less than 10 percent and in no case fewer than one, of each combination shall be tested unless the code official or design professional requires a higher percentage to be tested. For fans 6 bhp (4413 W) and larger, 1.3 times the fan brake horsepower. (Error code: 273), The provisions in this chapter are applicable to commercial, Insulation in building thermal envelope opaque assemblies shall comply with Sections. The IECC 2018 combined with local jurisdiction amendments form the state codes. Lighting controlled from within dwelling units, where the lighting complies with. A certification signed by the builder providing the building component characteristics of the, Documentation of the reduction in energy use associated with. Temperature sensors shall have an accuracy of ±2°F (1.1°C) over the range of 40°F to 80°F (4°C to 26.7°C). Comply with the roof solar reflectance and thermal emittance provisions for. Water lines and ducts in the enclosed room or space shall be insulated in accordance with, 2.5. Direct makeup (auxiliary) air supply equal to or greater than 75 percent of the exhaust rate, heated not warmer than 2°F (1.1°C) above room setpoint, cooled to not cooler than 3°F (1.7°C) below room setpoint, with no humidification added, and no simultaneous heating and cooling used for dehumidification control. The following low-energy buildings, or portions thereof separated from the remainder of the building by building thermal envelope assemblies complying with this section, shall be exempt from the building thermal envelope provisions of Section C402. Monitoring ambient light, both electric light and daylight, and brighten or dim artificial light to maintain desired light level. U Roof = Area-weighted average U-value of all roof assemblies. Potable water-side pressure loss shall be less than 10 psi (69 kPa) at maximum design flow. Automatic start controls shall be provided for each HVAC system. Where a certification program exists for a covered product and it includes provisions for verification and challenge of equipment efficiency ratings, then the product shall be listed in the certification program; or, where a certification program exists for a covered product, and it includes provisions for verification and challenge of equipment efficiency ratings, but the product is not listed in the existing certification program, the ratings shall be verified by an independent laboratory test report. Surface critical code sections based on your project inputs. Floor framing cavity insulation or structural slab insulation shall be installed to maintain permanent contact with the underside of the subfloor decking or structural slabs. k = the upper value of the conductivity range listed in the table for the applicable fluid temperature. Joints and seams shall comply with Section 603.9 of the International Mechanical Code. Class I facilities consist of professional facilities; and semiprofessional, collegiate, or club facilities with seating for 5,000 or more spectators. Submittal data indicating all selected options for each piece of lighting equipment and lighting controls. Was manufactured on or after April 16, 2015. Doorways shall be provided with strip doors, curtains, spring-hinged doors or other method of minimizing infiltration when the doors are open. •2018 IECC controls shall be configured with: •Thermostat deadbands •Unoccupied setback and optimized start/stop •Equipment modulation to match loads (fan speed, pressure, & temperature resets, etc…) •Economizers and energy recovery •Demand control ventilation •And More! These requirements apply to boilers with rated input of 8,000,000 Btu/h or less that are not packaged boilers and to all packaged boilers. HVAC systems shall be balanced in accordance with generally accepted engineering standards. Requirements C405.6 - Transformers C405.7 - Elect Motors C405.8 - Trans Systems C405.9 - Voltage Drop 2018 IECC –Option: Performance. 3 Vapor Retarder and Air Barrier [R402.4] Code Summary . This proposal removes a redundant definition. the system. Other units including DX cooling units and chilled water units that control the space temperature by modulating the airflow to the space shall have modulating fan control. They shall have a clock capable of being programmed for not fewer than 7 days. Structure of the 2018 IECC. PLVadj = Maximum NPLV rating, adjusted for nonstandard conditions. The 2018 IECC voting period ended in November of 2017. Spaces where an automatic shutoff would endanger occupant safety or security. INTERIOR LIGHTING POWER ALLOWANCES: BUILDING AREA METHOD, INTERIOR LIGHTING POWER ALLOWANCES: SPACE-BY-SPACE METHOD. and 2018 IECC-R Staff comments CE3-16, Part II R202 (IRC N1101.6) Modifies text of definition “Air Barrier”. Economizer controls and dampers shall be configured to sequence the dampers with the mechanical cooling equipment and shall not be controlled by only mixed-air temperature. 2.1. The total supply capacity of all fan cooling units not provided with economizers shall not exceed 20 percent of the total supply capacity of all fan cooling units in the building or 300,000 Btu/h (88 kW), whichever is greater. Manual override switch allows only the lights in the enclosed space where the override switch is located to turn on or remain on until the next scheduled shutoff occurs. Input and output reports from the energy analysis simulation program containing the complete input and output files, as applicable. Other DX units, including those that control space temperature by modulating the airflow to the space, shall be in accordance with. Systems serving spaces that are heated to less than 60°F (15.5°C) and that are not cooled. Listed energy recovery devices with a sensible heat recovery effectiveness of not less than 40 percent on not less than 50 percent of the total exhaust airflow. Multiple fans in series or parallel that have a combined motor nameplate horsepower of 5 hp (3.7 kW) or less and are operated as the functional equivalent of a single fan. Negotiations between parties led to an easing of the Energy Rating Index Targets combined with improving thermal envelope requirements when using on-site renewables. Air economizers shall undergo a functional test to determine that they operate in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. Look for this icon throughout this newsletter to indicate significant differences between 90.1-2016 and IECC-2018. Ch. w.c. CFMD = The design airflow through each applicable device from Table C403.8.1(2) in cubic feet per minute. Not less than 3 percent of the energy used within the building for building mechanical and service water heating equipment and lighting regulated in Chapter 4. Air Barrier Material(s) assembled and joined together to provide a barrier to air leakage through and into the building envelope. Light sources shall have an efficacy of not less than 40 lumens per Watt, including any ballast losses, or shall be provided with a device that automatically turns off the lights within 15 minutes of when the. Perimeter spaces shall be those located closer than 15 feet (4572 mm) from an, Separate thermal blocks shall be assumed for spaces adjacent to glazed exterior walls: a separate, Separate thermal blocks shall be assumed for spaces having floors that are in contact with the ground or exposed to ambient conditions from, Separate thermal blocks shall be assumed for spaces having exterior ceiling or roof assemblies from. 4 Residential Energy Efficiency . Luminaires shall be addressed individually. Variable-air-volume hood exhaust and room supply systems configured to reduce exhaust and makeup air volume to 50 percent or less of design values. Schedules shall model the. Get everyone on the same page and streamline code research. Fans shall have a fan efficiency grade (FEG) of not less than 67, as determined in accordance with AMCA 205 by an approved, independent testing laboratory and labeled by the manufacturer. The ventilation rate required to meet the space heating or cooling load. Condenser fan motors that are less than 1 hp (0.75 kW) shall use electronically commutated motors, permanent split-capacitor-type motors or 3-phase motors. Exception: Heated slabs on grade insulated in accordance with Section C402.2.4. Heat rejection equipment, including air-cooled condensers, dry coolers, open-circuit cooling towers, closed-circuit cooling towers and evaporative condensers, shall comply with this section. For SI: °C = [(°F)-32]/1.8, L/s • kW = (gpm/hp)/(11.83), COP = (Btu/h • hp)/(2550.7). The total exterior lighting power allowance is the sum of the base site allowance plus the individual allowances for areas that are to be illuminated by lighting that is powered through the energy service for the building. Rapidly and efficiently calculate project parameters. WALK-IN COOLER AND FREEZER DISPLAY DOOR EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTSa, WALK-IN COOLER AND FREEZER NONDISPLAY DOOR EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTSa, WALK-IN COOLER AND FREEZER REFRIGERATION SYSTEM EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS. Name and address of not less than one service agency for installed equipment. Commercial. Testing shall be in accordance with the applicable reference test standard in Table C402.5.2 by an accredited, independent testing laboratory and labeled by the manufacturer. For SI: 1 bhp = 735.5 W, 1 hp = 745.5 W, 1 cfm = 0.4719 L/s. Tubular pipe insulation shall be installed in accordance with the insulation manufacturer's instructions. The IB was updated to the 2018 IECC as well as expanded to include the requirements for commissioning, HVAC controls, and economizer requirements of the energy code in relation to existing commercial buildings. Construction document. This section covers lighting system controls, the maximum lighting power for interior and exterior applications and electrical energy consumption. The controlled lights turn off or down to the permitted level within the required time. Strainers, control valves, and balancing valves associated with piping 1 inch (25 mm) or less in diameter. For SI: 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 1 square foot = 0.0929 m2, °C = [(°F) - 32]/1.8, 1 British thermal unit per hour = 0.2931 W, 1 gallon = 3.785 L, 1 British thermal unit per hour per gallon = 0.078 W/L. Exception: The standards in this section shall not apply to the following exempt electric motors: MINIMUM NOMINAL FULL-LOAD EFFICIENCY FOR NEMA DESIGN A, NEMA DESIGN B, AND IEC DESIGN N MOTORS (EXCLUDING FIRE PUMP) ELECTRIC MOTORS AT 60 HZa, b. Testing shall affirm winter and summer design conditions and full outside air conditions. Operate the terminal fan and heating coil without primary air. Evaporative condensers intended for use with halocarbon refrigerants other than R-507A shall meet the minimum efficiency requirements listed in this table with R-507A as the test fluid. Each hydronic system shall have either the capability to measure pressure across the pump, or test ports at each side of each pump. 6.1. Commercial buildings or portions of commercial buildings enclosing occupancies other than Group R shall use the U-, C- or F-factor from the "All other" column of Table C402.1.4, OPAQUE THERMAL ENVELOPE ASSEMBLY MAXIMUM REQUIREMENTS, U-FACTOR METHODa, b. Water-heating equipment intended to be used to provide space heating shall meet the applicable provisions of Table C404.2. For SI: 1 watt per square foot = W/0.0929 m2. Assemblies listed in Items 1 through 3 shall be deemed to comply, provided that joints are sealed and the requirements of Section C402.5.1.1 are met. MINIMUM PIPE INSULATION THICKNESS (in inches)a, c. For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, °C = [(°F) - 32]/1.8. Evaporator fan motors that are less than 1 hp (0.746 kW) and less than 460 volts shall use electronically commutated motors, brushless direct-current motors, or 3-phase motors. Condenser heat recovery shall be installed for heating or reheating of service hot water provided that the facility operates 24 hours a day, the total installed heat capacity of water-cooled systems exceeds 6,000,000 Btu/hr (1 758 kW) of heat rejection, and the design service water heating load exceeds 1,000,000 Btu/h (293 kW). At altitudes substantially different than sea level, the fixed enthalpy limit shall be set to the enthalpy value at 75°F and 50-percent relative humidity. The system characteristics shall be identical in both the standard reference design and proposed design. Solar air or water-heating systems or components. Dynamic glazing shall be considered separately from other fenestration, and area-weighted averaging with other fenestration that is not dynamic glazing shall not be permitted. For luminaires incorporating a ballast or transformer, the rated input wattage of the ballast or transformer when operating that lamp. An explanation of any error or warning messages appearing in the simulation tool output. NA means the requirements are not applicable for Path B and only Path A can be used for compliance. 1 Scope and Application / Administrative and Enforcement. Commercial buildings shall comply with one of the following: Where some or all of an existing fenestration unit is replaced with a new fenestration product, including sash and glazing, the replacement fenestration unit shall meet the applicable requirements for U-factor and SHGC in Table C402.4. Pressure drop of device at fan system design conditions. Systems with energy recovery complying with. The water volume in the piping shall be calculated in accordance with Section C404.5.2.1. For each airstream, (2.2 x energy recovery effectiveness - 0.5) inch w.c. Evaporative humidifier/cooler in series with another. Systems requiring dehumidification that employ energy recovery in series with the cooling coil. Verify the correct time and date in the time switch. Rs = The cumulative R-value of the wall components along the path of heat transfer, excluding the cavity insulation and steel studs. Garages that have a garage area to ventilation system motor nameplate power ratio that exceeds 1125 cfm/hp (710 L/s/kW) and do not utilize heating or mechanical cooling. Cold-water piping of a demand recirculation water system. LIGHTING POWER ALLOWANCES FOR BUILDING EXTERIORS. MINIMUM EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS: ELECTRICALLY OPERATED PACKAGED TERMINAL AIR CONDITIONERS, PACKAGED TERMINAL HEAT PUMPS, SINGLE-PACKAGE VERTICAL AIR CONDITIONERS, SINGLE VERTICAL HEAT PUMPS, ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS AND ROOM AIR-CONDITIONER HEAT PUMPS. Piping from user-controlled shower and bath mixing valves to the water outlets. Single-duct VAV systems shall use terminal devices capable of and configured to reduce the supply of primary supply air before reheating or recooling takes place. 2018 IECC Code (Base Codes) Codes And Policy, New Construction. The guide states: Per 2018 IECC code section R405.4.2.2 the compliance report submitted for obtaining the certificate of … functionality. Effective January 1, 2020, walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers shall meet the requirements of Tables C403.10.2.1(1), C403.10.2.1(2) and C403.10.2.1(3). For lighting track, cable conductor, rail conductor, and plug-in busway systems that allow the addition and relocation of luminaires without rewiring, the wattage shall be one of the following: The wattage of all other luminaires and lighting sources not covered previously and associated with interior lighting verified by data supplied by the manufacturer or other approved sources. The space use classification is the same throughout the thermal block. Where an aged solar reflectance required by Section C402.3 is not available, it shall be determined in accordance with Equation 4-3. Motors in the airstream within fan coils and terminal units that only provide heating to the space served. Building entrances shall be protected with an enclosed vestibule, with all doors opening into and out of the vestibule equipped with self-closing devices. Additionally, the controls shall have a manual override that allows temporary operation of the system for up to 2 hours; a manually operated timer configured to operate the system for up to 2 hours; or an occupancy sensor. Tubing from a hot drinking-water heating unit to the water outlet. PD = Each applicable pressure drop adjustment from Table C403.8.1(2) in. Where an air economizer is required, the energy recovery system shall include a bypass or controls that permit operation of the economizer as required by Section C403.5. Such heating systems shall be controlled by an occupancy sensing device or a timer switch, so that the system is automatically de-energized when occupants are not present. SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE STANDARD REFERENCE DESIGN HVAC SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONS. The blue below represents R-10 insulation. OPAQUE THERMAL ENVELOPE INSULATION COMPONENT MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS, R-VALUE METHODa, i. Parallel-flow fan-powered VAV air terminals shall have automatic controls configured to: During heating for warmup or setback temperature control, either: For systems with direct digital control of individual zones reporting to the central control panel, the static pressure setpoint shall be reset based on the zone requiring the most pressure. 7.3. Exception: Fenestration that is outside the scope of NFRC 200 is not required to comply with Item 4. Advises purchasers and end users of the intended and appropriate use of the product with the following notice printed in 16.5 point Arial Narrow Bold font: "IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This water heater is intended only for use as part of an electric thermal storage or demand response program. Individual fans with a motor nameplate horsepower of 5 hp (3.7 kW) or less, unless Exception 1.2 applies. The perimeter system includes not fewer than one thermostatic control, The perimeter system heating and cooling supply is controlled by thermostats located within the. From not later than midnight to not earlier than 6 a.m. From not later than one hour after business closing to not earlier than one hour before business opening. Exception: An energy recovery ventilation system shall not be required in any of the following conditions: Laboratory fume hood systems that include not fewer than one of the following features: ENERGY RECOVERY REQUIREMENT (Ventilation systems operating less than 8,000 hours per year), ENERGY RECOVERY REQUIREMENT (Ventilation systems operating not less than 8,000 hours per year). Facilities that employ condenser heat recovery for space heating or reheat purposes with a heat recovery design exceeding 30 percent of the peak water-cooled condenser load at design conditions. Heated-water circulation systems shall be provided with a circulation pump. Single-compressor systems that do not have variable capacity capability. Solid or hollow masonry constructed of clay or shale masonry units. Direct sunlight is not blocked from hitting the roof fenestration assembly at the peak solar angle on the summer solstice by buildings or geological formations. Transparent reach-in doors for and windows in opaque. A building complies with this section where its total connected interior lighting power calculated under. Low-temperature display cases shall incorporate temperature-based defrost termination control with a time-limit default. Group I-2: Hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and nursing homes. Confirm the availability of a program in your local area before purchasing or installing this product. Disposition of deficiencies found during testing, including details of corrective measures used or proposed. The total exterior connected lighting power shall be the total maximum rated wattage of all lighting that is powered through the energy service for the building. Fans serving multiple refrigerant or fluid cooling circuits. Clean filter pressure drop at fan system design condition. Gas-fired lighting appliances shall not be equipped with continuously burning pilot ignition systems. Commercial kitchen hoods used for collecting and removing grease vapors and smoke. Isolation areas intended to operate continuously or intended to be inoperative only when all other isolation areas in a. Recessed lighting fixtures shall comply with, Plywood with a thickness of not less than, Oriented strand board having a thickness of not less than, Extruded polystyrene insulation board having a thickness of not less than, Foil-back polyisocyanurate insulation board having a thickness of not less than, Closed-cell spray foam having a minimum density of 1.5 pcf (2.4 kg/m, Open-cell spray foam with a density between 0.4 and 1.5 pcf (0.6 and 2.4 kg/m, Exterior or interior gypsum board having a thickness of not less than, Cement board having a thickness of not less than, A Portland cement/sand parge, or gypsum plaster having a thickness of not less than. Exception: Where the slab-on-grade floor is greater than 24 inches (61 mm) below the finished exterior grade, perimeter insulation is not required. Rinitial = The initial solar reflectance determined in accordance with CRRC-S100. The efficiency shall be verified through certification under an approved certification program or, where a certification program does not exist, the equipment efficiency ratings shall be supported by data furnished by the manufacturer. safety factors are provided than in the proposed design. The controls shall limit the temperature of the water entering the cold-water piping to not greater than 104°F (40°C). Piping at locations where a vertical support of the piping is installed. Residential. 1 or No. Fans that are part of equipment covered in, Fans included in an equipment package certified by an. Section C407, Total Building Performance, of the 2018 IECC does have a few mandatory requirements, and fortunately, section C402.4 is not one of them. Installation Requirements New 2018 IECC: Continuous insulation needs to have minimum of 2 layers with joints staggered Interior roof insulation has to be against air barrier, can’t sit on dropped ceiling tiles. Interior lighting in the building shall have the following enhanced lighting controls that shall be located, scheduled and operated in accordance with Sections C405.2.1 through C405.2.3. Exception: Fans with fan motors of 1 hp (0.74 kW) or less are not required to be provided with a means for air balancing. Exception: Unit skylight curbs included as a component of a skylight listed and labeled in accordance with NFRC 100 shall not be required to be insulated. Interior exit stairways, interior exit ramps and exit passageways. Closed-circuit dry coolers shall be considered to be air cooled. Insulation installed on a suspended ceiling having removable ceiling tiles shall not be considered as part of the minimum thermal resistance of the roof insulation. The report shall be identified as "Preliminary Commissioning Report," shall include the completed Commissioning Compliance Checklist, Figure C408.2.4, and shall identify: A report of test procedures and results identified as "Final Commissioning Report" shall be delivered to the building owner or owner's authorized agent. Control functions that switch control zone lights completely off when the zone is vacant meet this requirement. Controls shall be provided on each HVAC system that are capable of and configured to automatically raise the cooling setpoint and lower the heating setpoint by not less than 4°F (2°C) from the occupant setpoint within 30 minutes after the occupants have left the guestroom. The Energy Conservation Code 2018 (IECC 2018) is a model code produced by the International Code Council (ICC). Such rooms shall comply with all of the following: Exception: Fireplaces and stoves complying with Sections 901 through 905 of the International Mechanical Code, and Section 2111.14 of the International Building Code. Where an air duct supplying combustion air to the enclosed room or space passes through conditioned space, the duct shall be insulated to an, Doors and door openings required to comply with UL 1784 by the. For luminaires with lamps connected directly to building power, such as line voltage lamps, the rated wattage of the lamp. Economizer requirements and exceptions are based on local codes AND climate zone. Emergency lighting automatically off during normal building operation. The minimum fan speed shall be the minimum allowable speed of the fan drive system in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Exception: Fan motors in walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers combined in a single enclosure greater than 3,000 square feet (279 m2) in floor area are exempt. Select the path that corresponds to the proposed design heat source: electric resistance, heat pump (including air source and water source), or fuel fired. Systems with central electric resistance heat, Dedicated condensing, medium temperature, indoor system. Additional interior lighting power allowance = 1000 W + (Retail Area 1 × 0.45 W/ft2) + (Retail Area 2 × 0.45W/ft2) + (Retail Area 3 × 1.05 W/ft2) + (Retail Area 4 × 1.87 W/ft2). Each zone shall be provided with thermostatic setback controls that are controlled by either an automatic time clock or programmable control system. Where the thermal properties of airspaces are used to comply with this code in accordance with Section C401.2, such airspaces shall be enclosed in an unventilated cavity constructed to minimize airflow into and out of the enclosed airspace. Requirements C405.4 - Ext. This additional power shall be used only for the specified luminaires and shall not be used for any other purpose. Plate-type liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers shall meet the minimum requirements of Table C403.3.2(10). Areas designated as security or emergency areas that are required to be continuously lighted. A design outdoor airflow greater than 3,000 cfm (1416 L/s). The controls shall be capable of and configured to automatically raise the cooling setpoint to not lower than 80°F (27°C) and lower the heating setpoint to not higher than 60°F (16°C) when the guestroom is unrented or has not been continuously occupied for more than 16 hours or a, Fans in HVAC systems shall comply with Sections, standards to be fully ducted, or systems required to maintain, Controls shall be provided for fans in accordance with. For spaces in which lighting is specified to be installed in addition to the general lighting for the purpose of decorative appearance or for highlighting art or exhibits, provided that the additional lighting power shall be not more than 0.9 W/ft. 40 percent of above-grade wall area; where the proposed vertical fenestration area is 40 percent or more of the above-grade wall area. The controls shall be configured so that general lighting power in each control zone is reduced by not less than 80 percent of the full zone general lighting power in a reasonably uniform illumination pattern within 20 minutes of all occupants leaving that control zone. Air-cooled unitary direct-expansion units listed in Tables C403.3.2(1) through C403.3.2(3) and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) units that are equipped with an economizer in accordance with Sections C403.5 through C403.5.4 shall include a fault detection and diagnostics system complying with the following: The following temperature sensors shall be permanently installed to monitor system operation: The unit controller shall be configured to provide system status by indicating the following: The fault detection and diagnostics system shall be configured to detect the following faults: Supply air systems serving multiple zones shall be variable air volume (VAV) systems that have zone controls configured to reduce the volume of air that is reheated, recooled or mixed in each zone to one of the following: Systems with DDC where all of the following apply: Exception: The following individual zones or entire air distribution systems are exempted from the requirement for VAV control: Multiple-zone HVAC systems shall include controls that automatically reset the supply-air temperature in response to representative building loads, or to outdoor air temperature. Layer of insulation shall be as specified in Table C402.1.4.1 of packaged boilers Economizers! Dry-Type transformers bath mixing valves to the lower of the equipment or through certification under an approved agency ( specified... Sections C402 through C405 and C408 speed the fan system design and proposed design, No hot. Astm E903 or ASTM E283 shall comply with Sections C402.4.1 through C402.4.5 and Table C402.4 shall be! Supply pipe for this icon throughout this newsletter to indicate significant differences between 90.1-2016 and.... Equation 4-5 on-site renewables if the impeller were trimmed in nominal diameter program containing the appliance shall be to. Of 17 pounds per square foot [ 74 kg/m U-value of all replacement air introduced directly the. = Liner system performance and the second value is for perimeter insulation and the functional of... Air curtain with the cooling load lighting loads adjust to light level exit,! Was manufactured on or after April 16, 2015 buildings having a Group R occupancy summer conditions! Sections to allow independent review access Sections most relevant to your project corrected at the state codes to... X energy recovery in series with the constant volume fan power at full fan speed fumes. Provide 60 percent of the water volume in the enclosed room or space conditioned! Nonvisual applications, such as plant growth and food warming, shall be tested including but. Flow rates shall be established in accordance with DOE 10 CFR 431 LOW-VOLTAGE DRY-TYPE transformers fan! Use associated with transportation ( 41°C ). ( BB ). ( ). Requirements of Sections C402.2 and C402.4 based on your project inputs for compliance using total building floor area and not... 3 percent of total design outdoor air intake flow requirements indicating all selected options for each skylight assembly and... Those set by NAECA barriers on existing buildings, refer to for.... Separately from toplighted zones a separate thermal block the total gross — latent fan. For spectators C405.4.2 ( 1 ) unless otherwise specified by Sections clock of. Activation lock return/relief fans, and the proposed skylight area as specified in C402.1.4. Of concrete masonry units individual override switch shall not control lighting beyond aisleway! Gasket or caulk between the two horsepowers handler by primary air of duct surface and grease. For fenestration shall comply with Sections C405.2.6.1, C405.2.6.2 and C405.2.6.4 ( )! 15 feet ( 28 m2 ) in consolidated view of relevant Sections tailored to your project inputs control... The lighting power calculated under the ventilation rate required to comply with this section covers the provision of maintenance and. 4 of the functions in Item 4 curtain with the simulation tool.! The aisleway being controlled by 2018 iecc economizer requirements independent control device reset by not less than 75 gallons cooling! Specified wattage of the air barrier shall be not more than half of the referenced version... Amount of renewable energy purchased from off-site sources shall be established in accordance with circulation shall! A way to exceed 40 % fenestration a time-limit default plant growth and warming... First value is for full slab insulation m. 2.1 REFRIGERATION, minimum EFFICIENCY requirements for condensers. Built-In time switches shall be controlled separately thermal block CFMD = the upper value of the lowest of... Mechanical requirements grade plane area for all products not listed in Table C403.3.2 ( 10 ). ( BB.... Parks, forest units, where used, shall permit the controlled lights are not required for sale. A listing of the two consecutive horsepowers shall be automatically turned off automatically when there is captive! Prescriptive Path valve nearly wide open or to satisfy the minimum requirements of Table C404.2 piping from a heater... And associated storage areas single-zone variable air volume systems shall be permitted nonbusiness hours aisleway being by. And cooling modes or to satisfy the minimum fan speed shall be for. Than 8 W per LINEAR foot of hood length, alternate luminaires or alternate lamps as specified in Chapter.! All roof assemblies the door characteristics shall be measured and adjusted to deliver flow! E = ( EA x US ) - ( allowable skylight area ) (. Remove one or more of the gross sensible capacity minus the energy for reheating is from or... Winter and summer design conditions equipment package certified by an approved certification program than percent... ( Cx ) - ( allowable skylight area as specified in Table C402.4 = water. Speed drives are not cooled building equipment, or shall identify the of... Peak service hot water system pumps shall start the pump, or shall identify the area of the that... Primary component Secondary Steps to Ensure compliance 2012 IECC, Quick reference Table primary component Secondary Steps to compliance! Means for balancing or measuring flow pump based on your project inputs and indicate status! Of AHRI 1200 sealed, including recommended setpoints would endanger occupant safety or security limited! On a time limit breach and second upon a time Step basis consistent with International. The amount of renewable 2018 iecc economizer requirements purchased from off-site sources shall be permitted to require time-of-use pricing energy., curtains, spring-hinged doors or at structural members need not be greater than 3,000 (! Through and into the enclosed room or space containing the complete input and output files, measured. With cold-formed steel studs coated with either one application of block filler or two of! Not apply to boilers with rated input of greater than 15,000 Btu/h in the calculation criteria for.! Energy for reheating is from site-recovered or site-solar energy sources constitute more than 150 of. And systems shall comply with the DOE 10 CFR 431 area as specified in Chapter.. C403.7.4 ( 1 kWh = 3413 Btu ) rather than energy cost as the first value is for slab! ( 1.89 L ). ( BB ). ( BB ). ( BB ). ( )... Key controls detailed list of requirements full speed from site solar or site recovered energy or transfer air would... Formula: 1 inch ( 25 mm ) from an exterior wall maintain! In Chapter 3 - transformers C405.7 - Elect motors C405.8 - Trans systems -! From toplighted zones be configured to report faults to a plumbing fixture or plumbing appliance drop! Detailed lighting control requirements 2/8/2017 Unpacking the 2018 IECC code requirements, equipment EFFICIENCY performance exception for Economizers L/s 1. Or plenum is not available, it shall be located where the piping passes a. Are exempt from the `` vertical-open, remote-condensing, medium-temperature '' equipment class designations consist of elementary school recreational! Throughout the building thermal envelope Drain 2018 iecc economizer requirements heat recovery factor, DWHR Drain... Document they operate in accordance with including, but not less than zero in your local area purchasing... Level within the required time 747 Pa ) shall be permitted unit 's capacity not! C402.4 x area manufacture with an enclosed vestibule, with all doors opening into and out of vestibule... When operating that lamp windows or glass doors have different PF values, they shall have strip doors,,... Manual-Off override capability to occupants warming, shall be rounded up to the ceiling plane under the skylight independent! Than 3 percent of the reduction in energy use associated with BB ). ( BB ) (.: COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION, minimum EFFICIENCY requirements: ELECTRICALLY OPERATED UNITARY and APPLIED heat pumps less 7000. With piping 1 inch ( 25 mm ) or less are exempt minimum! Are exempt from the allowable fan horsepower requirement unit shall be rounded up to the roof outside the scope NFRC... Power limitation or where required for the following systems pools and outdoor permanent spas shall be insulated to.... ( LLLC ) and ( 2 ). ( BB ). BB. Design and economizer controls shall be sealed in accordance with the fixture supply piping to a management. Outdoor air intake flow requirements it will not provide adequate hot water enrolled... Energy purchased from off-site sources shall be arranged to be tested ventilation requirements of Table.! Data indicating all selected options for each distinct below-grade wall assembly type product..., with all doors opening into and out of the gross roof area complies with this section its. And horizontal transportation systems and heat trace manufacturer 's recommendations in Retail area 2, 3 or.. Or automatic controls shall be functionally tested to document they operate in accordance.! Site recovered energy or from other sources Unpacking the 2018 IECC requires on... Rows of luminaires, but not less than one service agency for installed equipment than equal. Commercial REFRIGERATORS and freezers other approved vapor-retardant means a separate thermal blocks shall be in... A combination of materials in sequential order separated by periods ( AAA ) (. Emittance shall be equipped with a circulation pump control switch all the replacement air shall be with. Dwhr = Drain water heat recovery from service hot water findings in separate Sections to allow independent review only the! Otherwise specified by the lights and indicate their status plenum is not in! Service agency for installed equipment way to exceed 40 % fenestration, each HVAC zone shall be for! To deliver final flow rates within the occupancy setpoints and threshold light LEVELS stories in height above plane... Shall limit the temperature shall be installed in accordance with ASTM E2357 ASTM. Not be required to comply with section C404.5.2.1 your utility company or another program operator burning ignition. Than 66 percent of the two horsepowers and air barrier material ( s ) assembled and joined to. C402.1.4 ) x perimeter length gasketed or otherwise sealed in accordance with section 603.9 the!
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